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Telecommunications 101:              What Non-IT Professionals Need to Know to Survive and Thrive

Dial tone may seem like the most reliable thing in people’s lives in the past 100 years. In fact, very few industries have as much success as telecommunications at benefiting from such a simple and widely used technology.

The death of dial tone, however, is almost upon us. AT&T has stated publicly it will stop offering traditional dial tone service in 2020, as data and wireless communications have taken on a much larger proportion of the telecommunications industry.

The purpose of this guide is to allow the business professional who is not focused on technology or telecommunications to better understand and appreciate how emerging technologies, functionalities, capacities, and capabilities are changing the ways companies do business. Those who understand and can leverage the intricacies involved will help their companies innovate faster and more effectively.

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Everything is Constantly Changing

While one might expect costs to be coming down on older technologies, many of them are increasing as telecom carriers work to discourage customers from using antiquated technology and instead migrate to new, more efficient technologies, such as the transition from PSTN to VoIP.

Cloud Connectivity

One of the great advantages of cloud computing is that those consuming services only pay for the services they consume. The ability to scale IT along with organizational growth is well served when you consider how much easier it is to scale by throttling consumption up and down rather than to “rip and replace” your telecom and datacom investments.

The Procurement Department Will Always Be Negotiating

Your best leverage to assure that you’re always enjoying the best of telecom lies in properly training and constantly updating and informing your Procurement department. There will be many things that Procurement personnel will need to keep track of.



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