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Making the Most Out of Your Call Accounting Data

Call accounting services, initially focused on usage detail, have expanded over the last ten years into a broad scope of services called Telecom/Technology Expense Management, including all other telecommunication charges such as MRC, taxes, OCC, and others. With the convergence of voice and data technologies, the traditional practice of “bill auditing” or “call accounting” has morphed into much more and the data reaped can be invaluable. 

The purpose of this guide is show you how you can make the most out of your call accounting data, accelerate success and time-to-value for your new services and technologies. 

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Continuing Constant Change Creates TEM Evolution

Data has been referred to as the new bacon, the new gold, even the new oil of this information age. Data only makes money when in motion, so development of data transport technology never stops. In 1995 the arrival of Voice over IP  eliminated long-distance “middleman” providers. This unavoidable led to the convergence of voice and data technologies.

Consumption Reporting

Consumption Reporting encompasses far more than simple call accounting. Beyond auditing of telecom related bills, consumption reporting addresses all individual and cost center usage of the various services and facilities that are available on the network and facilities.

Accelerating Success and Time-To-Value

It is estimated that anywhere between half to three-quarters of all projects fail predominantly because the users fail to adopt the new systems or technologies. As such, user adoption is critical. When new services and technologies are introduced, several things must happen in rapid succession. Everyone in an organization has a stake in achieving success.



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