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Introducing Transaction Reconciliation Reporting from MDSL

MDSL’s Transaction Reconciliation Reporting (TRR) is an expense management platform for your trading costs, from exchange fees to client connectivity. It ensures you’re being billed correctly and that invoices are allocated to the right clients or desks. Having all this spend in one system gives you a global view across multiple asset classes, which can then be used to make informed business decisions.


Match vendor invoices against agreed rates for a fully accurate understanding of actual costs versus revenue generated.

  • Powerful cost allocation methodologies to ensure invoiced amounts are allocated to trading activity at a granular level.
  • Export functionality from drill down reporting and inventory views for further manipulation
  • Mapping engine which all data passes through upon entry into the database to ensure a normalised data set is available


Track the precise history of each client connection, for complete visibility of transactions and rate cards, allowing accurate client management.

  • Role-based online reporting portal with a global view of all transaction costs
  • Myriad filters and interactivity to delve further into the figures
  • Full audit history of both trading and billing activity as well as database activity

Savings and cost avoidance

Reconcile access versus usage of different services (OMS, EMS, IOIs, Telecoms etc.) and allocate costs accurately across cost centres, locations and trading desks to identify opportunities for potential savings – particularly at vendor contract renewal time.

  • Calculation engine to automatically predict invoice amounts based on client/desk activity at a trade level
  • Granular allocation allows for identification of spend associated with inactivity
  • Red-amber-green reporting to easily identify the invoiced amounts which are discrepant for building a dispute


Manage and track all your trading transactions and related records by vendor, relationship, location, function, asset class or individual trader – all in a single, centralised inventory.

  • Cloud database with intuitive design to help add / amend / remove inventory data
  • Contract management tools including customisable email alerts for renewal dates
  • Self-service custom reporting

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