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Migrating your TEM solution to MDSL

Migrating your TEM solution to MDSL

We've Done This Before...

Migrate to MDSL’s TEM solution without any disruption to your service - We are experienced in seamlessly migrating large enterprises over to our TEM solution, and we will load all the data from your existing TEM solution free of charge.

Any data your previous TEM provider may have missed, or did not have the capability to support, will be loaded at an agreed, minimal cost.

“Gartner is witnessing a huge wave of large companies that are dissatisfied with their TEM providers and the migration of these big logo brands is just beginning. Gartner believes that the market is willing to pay a premium for execution and stability.”

Gartner 2014

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Constant Innovation

Our primary focus is on making great software. We believe in creating agile, reliable solutions rather than throwing Help Desk staff at software to attempt to cover the cracks.

We are committed to making our solution as accessible and attractive as possible to end-users to ensure adoption and satisfaction, and we're constantly developing and innovating. Our new HTML5 Smart Dashboards are our easiest to use yet, and are configurable and customizable to display the information you want to see most. 

We offer exclusive features such as eBonding, which streamlines and automates interactions between your employees and your Communication Service Providers, saving time, money, and stress.

1 platform

All In One Place

What really makes us stand out in the TEM market is that we offer a truly global TEM solution. The architecture is specifically designed to operate globally, so our customers don’t face huge complications as they add other international offices to the system.

We believe the core product must have an in-built ability to function with multiple currencies, exchange rates, taxes, languages, local terms, user rights and coverages; you can’t just strap two national TEM programs together and hope for the best.

If you want to view TEM from your ERP Management System (SAP, ARIBA, ORACLE, ServiceNow), that's OK with us - we provide integration for them too.

Our Ethos

Over time we have seen how certain supplier reputations become badly damaged because outrageous promises were made, combined with low ball price bids in order to win that next "logo" customer at any cost.  The new customer's expectations have been raised into outer space and the supplier has agreed to such a low price point that there are simply no funds to resource the project properly.

Sound familiar?

Positive business relationships are of paramount importance to us and this is how they are achieved:

  1. Be reasonable in your promises and your expectations
  2. Make sure there is enough money in the project to resource it correctly
  3. Agree what “good” looks like for everybody and find a way to measure it.
  4. Work together every day, to exceed it.
95% Customer Retention Rate