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Telecom Expense Management

Centralize telecom inventory, expenses, and assets on a single platform.

Don't let your telecom expenses run rampant.

As a telecom manager, your task is to provide great service to your end users while utilizing the latest technologies – all at the lowest possible cost. Can you keep up with all the changes to devices and services as employees come and go? Are you sure your vendors are sticking to your hard-negotiated rates? 

MDSL provide valuable insight into the cost of your global telecom landscape to help you spot inefficiencies, automate manual processes, and optimize expenses.

Invoice Lifecycle Management

Manage electronic or paper invoice receipts, expense validation, allocation, and payment with finance/AP interfacing options.

Call Accounting

Capture usage from traditional PBX, VoIP, and Unified Communications solutions for granular chargeback, traffic, and utilization analysis.

Expense Approval and Allocation

Rule-based scenarios with configurable thresholds and email approval chains to increase visibility and drive down costs.

MACD Management

Manage move, add, change, and disconnect (MACD) requests with configurable jobs/tasks to auto-update inventory and prepare for the expense.


eBonding automates and simplifies the interactions between your employees and your Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

Centralized Vendor Management

Manage all vendors in a single database to accurately track your organization's inventory and accounts.

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