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Managing Information Technology

Validate usage and expenses across enterprise IT assets.

Gain visibility and control over all your business technology.

Do you really know how many PCs and laptops your company owns? Which office has what? How many were upgraded last week and are now on which lease agreements? What about printers? How about tablet devices, smart phones, desk phones, scanners, copiers, conference phones, web cams? What about your datacenters and colocation sites? All those servers, storage devices, network concentrators, routers, firewalls, switches, UPS systems?

Surely someone is in control of all that… right? If you have MDSL’s expense management platform in place, you can be.

IT Asset Expense Management

The IT Lifecycle

Stay on top of everything in your ever-changing IT environment, from cradle-to-table-to-grave.

Understand TCO

A centralized inventory helping you to keep track of your global assets and understand their value and total cost of ownership. 

Cost Savings

Stay on top of contract rollovers and upgrade clauses, identify which leased devices are unused, and which of your assets can be resold or recycled.

Secure Recycling

Safe decomissioning and environmentally friendly recycling through our disposition partners.


Ensure requests for new IT hardware align with policy, go through the correct approval process, and automatically update your inventory with new devices.


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