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Internet of Things

Global connectivity comes at a price. Gain visibility and manage expenses.

Thousands of connections. One solution.

While companies focus on the incredible possibilities IoT can deliver, they must be able to detect when devices are not acting as they should be. The remoteness of these devices makes them vulnerable to misuse, hacking, or simply going rogue and using thousands of times more data than intended. Utilize MDSL’s solution to flag up overage charges, detect anomalies and zero usage, and co-ordinate efficient upgrades of your IoT devices.

MDSL provides a trusted inventory for your devices and services, helping to understand the purpose, location and connectivity type of each application. Ensure data and maintenance costs are allocated to the correct departments and initiatives, and check the expenditure justifies the pricing of customer applications. Our Smart Dashboard reporting will provide you with unparalleled visibility over your costs and the insight to make informed business decisions.

Internet of Things

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