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Cloud Services Expense Management

Don't let decentralized cloud services wreak havoc on your budget.

Gain visibility and control over all of your cloud activity.

Do you have growing cloud services with more than one provider?
Do you utilize manual reporting to either supply finance, allocate costs, or understand the resources consumed by specific departments or projects?
Do you have standard technology expense management processes you want to extend to additional expenses?

Decentralized, self-service cloud services cost global enterprises millions of dollars every year. Teams setting up their own cloud services, often without the explicit consent of the organization, puts their sensitive data at risk of breach, can cause compliance, and reputation issues and leads to huge cost inefficiencies. 

MDSL's  Cloud Services Expense Manager (CSEM) module allows customers to manage spend for all cloud services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). We leverage our current Technology Expense Management (TEM) solution and functionality to process, allocate (i.e. recharge), and report on cloud spend. It is a low touch/no touch solution enabled through cloud vendor API integration to acquire cost and usage reporting (both billed and unbilled) automatically on a daily basis. The end result is optimization and validation of inventory and costs.

Want to learn more? Download our Cloud Services Expense Manager brochure, watch the related video, or read a recent Client Success Story


Manage all of the contracts and licenses for your global SaaS services, charge back to individuals or teams, and optimize usage.

Cost Savings

Identify unused services, prevent shadow IT, and receive clarity over your organization's software needs.


Provide cost governance and formal approval process as your organization migrates legacy IT services to the cloud.


Gain granular visibility over global cloud services and allocate charges to the correct department or user.

Data Security

Control the set-up of new services to keep your corporate data secure.

Contract Management

Proactive alerts for contract rollovers automatically distributed to the software users/owners.

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