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Call Accounting | Telecom Utilization Solutions

Provide visibility across your organization, optimize your environment through internal billing and chargeback tools.

Who's using what? Charging back with efficiency.

MDSL  allows organizations to allocate charges for usage of numerous technology service types to users or business units across the organization. Whether you’re looking to charge back for landline telephone service, create internal charges and billing, or track unified communications usage, MDSL Call Accounting helps you achieve it all in a single solution while providing accountability and business intelligence across each vertical of your business.

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Usage Chargeback

Chargeback call detail usage and internal charges to cost centers and general ledger accounts across the organization.

Internal Billing

Generate internal bills in physical or electronic format for distribution across business units, agencies, or individual departments.

Toll Fraud & e911

Set up alerts for malicious usage on your telecom network and transmit e911 files to emergency services as required.

Utilization Management

Analyze usage traffic and trunk utilization statistics to right-size your telecom network to fit organizational needs.

Unified Communications

Gather metrics around unified communications systems including Microsoft Lync to analyze user adoption and overall usage.

Overhead Allocation

Split expenses evenly or break them out by usage to right-size chargebacks in an optimized manner for your organization.

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