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MDSL's Smart Dashboards

Design and build your own reports without the need for technical knowledge

Utilize MDSL's Powerful HTML5 Dashboard Reporting to Control your Technology Estate

Improved User Interface

MDSL's new dashboards are powered by an incredibly fast in-memory database. Building the platform in HTML5  allowed us to create a modern, high performance user interface, with a unified experience across all browsers and devices.

To ensure the platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, its development included a  'Usability Lab' with an eye-tracking device.

Our dashboards can be fully white-labelled to fit your organization’s brand guidelines.


While MDSL provide several 'out-of-the-box' dashboard reports, we encourage and empower users to create their own. Display the data, graphics and KPIs most important to you with highly-customizable layouts.

Our dashboards can now be operated with no need for SQL queries or technical knowledge. 

Use multiple-level drilling through pods to see comprehensive lists and granular details behind the stats in your dashboard.

Variety of Pod Types

MDSL's latest offering provides actionable business insight within the platform, negating the need to run large exports with the only goal of creating an Excel pivot table. Display the information how you want it and where you want it.

Smart Dashboard Pods

Share and Export

It also includes a full screen presentation mode to enable you to show your data and progress to members of your company, and the ability to share read-only versions of your dashboards within your organisation, restricting information based on the clearances of the recipients.


Using HTML5 allows for a faster development cycle so that new features can be implemented and pushed to users more quickly, with minimal disruption to service.

There is now no need to update browser plugins (e.g. Silverlight) from third parties.

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