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White Paper: The Importance of Carrier Ethernet Industry Standards

Learn why standards are important, what is the danger in a small subset of people setting the standards, and what are the various perspectives.

Gartner Five Ways to Immediately Cut or Optimize Mobile Costs in a Suddenly Weakened Economy

Five ways sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders can fight costs as they rapidly realign mobile estates

Gartner 2020 Critical Capabilities for Managed Mobility Services, Global

Key findings and recommendations for infrastructure and operations leaders overseeing sourcing and procurement of mobile technologies and services

Solution Sheet: MDM Managed Services

Augment your internal team with expert resources that deliver continuous improvement to your market data management practice

White Paper: More To Plan For With 5G Than Just 5G - Start Now

A closer look and dive into the future of telecom with a focus on 5G, IoT and Cloud

Calero-MDSL Mobility Solution

Mobility plays in integral role in today’s workplace, and Calero-MDSL’s Mobility Solution can help you simplify, optimize and track every aspect of mobility in your company.

Beyond the Box Enterprise Mobility Webinar

The rise of eSIM and UEM have shown to be significant drivers of enterprise digital transformation

Success Story: Multinational Financial Services Company

This client was able to gain inventory control, billing accuracy, fast resolution of exceptions, highly available accurate information, and more

Success Story: Multinational Conglomerate

This client trusted MDSL for over a decade to handle their telecom expense management needs - and never paid a dollar

What Enterprises Should Start Thinking About as 5G Moves Toward Becoming a Reality

5G promises to drive incredible growth in the sheer number of devices under management

Webinar: Enterprise Comms in a COVID-19 Era

Three tips for IT, Telecom and Mobility Managers to help navigate these turbulent times

Unlock Your Telecom Budget with Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting covers gaps in the team and provides assistance when you need it most

Solution Sheet: MDM for Market Data Vendors

Maintain a secure, consistent record of all client entitlements and activities so you can stay fully and accurately informed

Give Your Business a Boost with Automation

Automation has expanded technology professionals' capabilities, allowing them to performs at their highest potential


How to know when to change or adjust your mobile strategy

Elevating the Role of Procurement and Sourcing

Learn how procurement and sourcing can take a greater leadership role and go beyond admin work and tactics

Success Story: Major Southwest City

This City looked to gain control over the telecom environment with a formal TEM solution and centralized processes

Success Story: Oil and Gas Company

In addition to upgrades and improvements to their global network, this company received savings in excess of $2.5 million, 8X since their last audit

TEM Validation

An efficient and automated way to survey end users with technology inventory, allowing you to reduce spend and eliminate unused or oversubscribed services.

Success Story: TEM Validation

A global software company used the TEM Validation module to progress their maturity and realize savings by leveraging the intelligence of the user community.

Call Accounting and Usage Management

Take control of your communications usage so you can manage in the present and prepare for the future.

White Paper: Making the Most Out of Your Call Accounting Data

Learn how you can make the most out of your call accounting data, accelerate success and time-to-value for your new services and technologies.

Inventory Management

Inventory may seem like the simplest part of your overall TEM program, but it is often underrepresented and overlooked. Learn why it's truly the foundation of any successful program.

White Paper: Telecom 101 - What Non-IT Professionals Need to Know to Survive and Thrive

A basic guide about telecommunications and technology expense management for professionals that are involved in strategic IT projects from a Procurement, Finance or general Project Management perspective.

Certification: Surprises Beyond Savings

MDSL Certification services enable any organization to perform similar cycle checks of their telecom, market data and related investment, achieving much more than just savings.

Solution Sheet: MDM Advanced Certification

Automate advanced processes, achieve compliance, gain visibility, reduce spend and eliminate unused or oversubscribed services

Success Story: MDM Certification

A global financial institution wanted to reduce their market data spend, while adding automation. Using multiple levels of the Certification module improved their maturity and led to significant and enduring savings.

White Paper: Evolution of Managed Services for IT

Learn how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) evolved alongside the personal computer and computer networking, and what changes the most when you migrate to a MSP.

Mobility Optimization

The proliferation of employee mobile devices enhances productivity, but also comes at a considerable cost. MDSL’s Mobility Cost Management Services help you effectively manage and optimize your wireless spend.

Success Story: Danfoss

Danfoss was able to achieve greater business impact and optimization, aligned strategies, improved vendor performance and minimized risk from a sustainable TEM solution

Three Phases of Inventory Management

Most organizations stop at Discovery, but what value will you miss if you do?

Success Story: Inventory

A global financial institution had limited visibility into the inventory of their fixed line services but with MDSL's help, they were able to get clarity and 100% inventory accuracy

Success Story: Index License Manager

A global investment bank wanted to bring order to the chaos of their index licensing reporting and usage so MDLS helped them accomplish these goals with an adjacent MDM technology called ILM

Index License Manager

Gain cost control and tackle commercial and regulatory compliance

White Paper: Past, Present, and Future - Inventory Management

You can't manage what you can't measure. Learn how inventory management has changed and how you can prepare for the future.

Why You Need Proactive Spend Management

Spot inefficiencies, automate manual processes, and optimize expenses

Five Items to Cover Before Embarking on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Many of the up-and-coming, bleeding edge advancements rely on five basic requirements and principles to function - see if you can check them off

White Paper: Creating and Maintaining a Strong Mobile Device Policy

Your Mobile Device Policy is every bit as important as the devices themselves, the communication services they connect to, or the continued success of your business

Solution Sheet: SD-WAN

Manage recurring SD-WAN expenses on a global scale with your current expense management processes for consistency and ease

Success Story: Consumer Goods Company

A consumer goods company developed role-based dashboards and reporting to support automated decisions triggered by specific data

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Powerful dashboard reporting helps you control your technology estate

Mobility Lifecycle Solution

Regain control, improve visibility, find efficiencies and reduce your costs around mobile devices with a single vendor

Role-based Visibility

Accessible and actionable information tailored to positions

Five Tips for Generating Business Value from TEM Data

How do you know if you are getting the most out of your data?

Success Story: SAP

A series of successes for SAP including a smooth migration, new found confidence and greater visibility to drive increased automation and savings

Strategic Services

Lean on our Strategic Services Team for guidance in technology audit, sourcing, and optimization

White Paper: Critical Concerns Change When Controlling Cloud

Learn why establishing and maintaining proper controls over your cloud services spend is more effective and insightful than manual tracking.

Success Story: Financial Services Company

One of the largest global TEM users was able to meet an aggressive implementation timeline and overcome poor incumbent data quality and visibility

Success Story: Oil and Gas Company

This company received industry-leading contracts, renegotiated without spending time educating their staff on telecom-specific terms, or devoting resources to the lengthy process

Telecom Audit Services

Certified confidence from MDSL

Professional Services

Implementations made easy with MDSL

Implementations Made Easy

MDSL makes it possible to have an expedited, but quality, implementation with less headaches

Success Story: Toy Manufacturer

A toy manufacturer eliminated customized, manual cloud processes by leveraging current TEM processes and tools

Cloud Expense Management

Optimize and validate your cloud inventory and costs with confidence

Analyst Perspective: So You Want a TEM

Landmines to Avoid When Selecting a TEM for Your Business

Managed Pay Service

Simpler management of your technology expense

Success Story: Major Airline

Instead of adapting their workflow to meet more than 150 vendor requirements, this major airline utilized Managed Pay to maintain their standard workflow

MDSL Brochure

Complex Problems. Simple Solutions. Welcome to MDSL.

FinTech Success Story: Buy Side Firm

International financial services firm implements Market Data Manager to achieve transparency and control over global spend.

AOTMP Research: MDSL's Vendor Quote Management Solution

How MDSL’s Vendor Quote Management Solution Impacts Enterprise Telecom/Mobility/ Technology Management.

Success Story:
Major Media Outlet

Decreases global telecom expenditures, increases operational efficiencies, and improves financial reporting using MDSL’s telecom expense management solutions.

Solution Sheet:
Call Accounting

MDSL provides comprehensive usage management and chargeback tools to provide visibility and accountability for technology usage throughout your organization.

White Paper:
Zeroing-in on Telecom and Mobility Expenses

The amounts are staggering and telecom represents one-fifth of all worldwide IT spend, and it also accounts for up to four percent of the typical enterprise budget.

Fast Facts:
Five Things CxOs Need to Know About TEM

The truth is that most enterprises lose millions of dollars annually by not managing their telecom or all recurring spend in a standardized, centralized, more effective, and efficient way.

Solution Sheet:
Strategic Consulting Services

MDSL carries a deep background in transforming technology environments through one off advisory engagements, audits, and optimizations.

Solution Sheet: Index License Manager for Business Users

Creating transparency and improving controls to optimize your market data costs, processes and workflows.

Solution Sheet: Index License Manager for the Buy Side

ILM calculates your index licensing costs for all your Funds & ETFs, simplifies your AUM reporting to the index providers, and helps you conform with the recently enforced European Benchmark Regulation and IOSCO’s Principles for Financial Benchmarks

Solution Sheet:
Technology Expense Management

Learn about MDSL's TEM software and service offerings and how they can help your organization.

Solution Sheet: Universities

Optimize your telecom and recurring expenses more effectively with zero-cost accounting and internal chargebacks and provide actionable intelligence across your university.

5 Ways to Decrease Telecom Expenses and Increase Visibility

Telecom bills are the most complex and error-prone bills an enterprise receives.

Solution Sheet: Managed Mobility Services

Gain insight into how MDSL manages the full lifecycle of enterprise mobile devices from procurement through retirement while managing the expense along the way.

White Paper:
Find The Payoff

Most companies simply cannot bridge the gap between enterprise mobility challenges that they addressed years ago and the new challenges that are much more complex, more numerous, and more difficult to resolve.

Success Story: Large Technology Company

Influential financial media organization streamlines quote processes and centralizes communication to increase efficiencies, speed completion times, and reduce costs.

Solution Sheet: Index License Manager for the Sell Side

ILM reduces your manual processes, enriches your reporting capabilities, improves your cost allocation methodologies, and helps you conform with the recently enforced European Benchmark Regulation and IOSCO’s Principles for Financial Benchmarks.

Success Story:
State Government

State government streamlines workflow and automates complex processes to increase efficiencies, increase visibility, and reduce costs.

Solution Sheet: Application Compliance Manager

Bring efficiency and automation to the issuance, completion and management of market data compliance surveys.

White Paper:
How to Cut Telecom Expenses

In today’s economy, Telecom teams need to do more with less and drive down telecom expenses.

Solution Sheet: ACE+

Control and optimize end-user access to web-based market data.

Solution Sheet: Request and Procurement Manager for MDM

MDSL's RPM module allows your market data team to manage and automate all your market data inventory changes – swiftly, effortlessly and, above all, accurately.

Solution Sheet: Index License Manager for the Benchmark Regulation

MDSL’s Index License Manager (ILM) helps you meet your regulatory obligations by providing a management tool to track your benchmark usage.

Success Story:
Healthcare Provider

One of the nation’s leading health insurance companies significantly reduces fixed telecom spend and improves contract rates with MDSL managed services.

Success Story:
State of Arizona

State Government looks to centralize and automate processes using MDSL software and managed services to bill back state agencies and operate at zero budget.

Solution Sheet: Automated Invoice Processing for MDM

Leveraging its state-of-the-art OCR technology, global delivery centers and enterprise-grade automated workflow platform, MDSL takes the manual effort out of invoice processing.

White Paper:
What to Avoid When Selecting a TEM Vendor

Wouldn’t it be great if your company could benefit by realizing savings from your TEM program faster?

Success Story:
Major Media Organization

Influential financial media organization streamlines quote processes and centralizes communication to increase efficiencies, speed completion times, and reduce costs.

AOTMP Research: MDSL Removes Pain of Switching TEM/EMM Vendors

Find out how MDSL's exceptional customer service and implementation focus is changing the TEM/EMM sector.

Managing Recurring Cloud Spend

A 2017 survey of enterprise IT organizations revealed that up to 45 percent of all cloud IT spend was squandered. A separate estimate based on this research brought the tab to $900 million, much of it on seldom-used non-production systems.

Success Story:
Fortune 50 High-Tech Company

Centralized call accounting to analyze usage, create visibility, and decrease telecom expenses across a global technology organization.

Solution Sheet: Market Data Manager

MDSL's solution brings a range of powerful, built-in tools to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and streamline the management of your market data.

Success Story: Alight

Leading cloud-based HR solutions provider needed to expedite implementation and centralize management of their recurring technology expenses.

Cloud Expense Management

MDSL makes it easy to get the control and visibility you need around cloud, so you can continue to shine bright , drive down costs and optimize your services.

MDSL's Unified Platform for Multiple Spend Categories

MDSL’s unified platform manages recurring technology expenses across a variety of complex spend categories for unparalleled visibility, compliance, and cost avoidance.

IT Service Management

MDSL integrates with ITSM platforms so that inventory is accurate and recurring expenses can be paid with confidence.

Connections Conference 2018

MDSL's 2018 Connections Conference at the Scottsdale Plaza, Arizona.

MDSL Overview

We're MDSL. We help you gain Clarity, Control, Compliance and Cost Savings in your company.

Fintech by MDSL

MDSL helps you view, measure and manage all the financial tech you deal with every day.

Technology Expense Management

MDSL helps you gain visibility of your recurring technology expenses.

eBonding from MDSL

eBonding removes much of the manual effort and streamlines interactions with Service Providers.

Automated Invoice Processing

AIP frees up resources to process invoices automatically

Managed Services

MDSL makes it easier to manage a global technology environment.

Managed Mobility Services

MDSL's MMS solution ensures that employees stay connected, supported, and productive wherever they are.

Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management helps optimize spend and grants complete control of global telecom costs.

Managed Pay

Managed Pay takes over the entire invoice lifecycle to prevent human error.

TEM Smart Dashboard

'Out of the Box' dashboard included with TEM solution

Customizable Dashboards

Display information wherever and however desired, with MDSL's Powerful HTML5 Dashboard Reporting.

Market Data Reporting

Gain clarity and control over global Market Data Expenses with MDSL's Smart Dashboard Analytics

User Group Dallas 2017

MDSL's Technology Expense Management User Group & Showcase at the Four Seasons Las Colinas Hotel in Dallas, 2017.

User Group London 2016

MDSL's Technology Expense Management User Group and Showcase at the Blue Fin Venue, London.

User Group Paris 2017

MDSL's Technology Expense Management User Group & Showcase at the Hilton Paris Opera Hotel, 2017.