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Join the MDSL Partner Program

Offer your enterprise clients the leading, single platform Technology Expense Management (TEM) solution. MDSL complements a variety of partner types, including: 

Carriers – companies authorized to operate telecommunications systems

System Integrators / BPO / ITO – companies providing turnkey services and solutions spanning a variety of technologies for your clients

Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Resellers – companies selling technology products and services

Regional Partners - Telecom Consultants, Mobility Service Providers, and Cost Reduction Companies

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Partnering with MDSL

Organizations all over the world partner with MDSL for their expertise in managing complex technology spend categories across telecom, mobility, market data, cloud, and utilities. Our deep expertise in technology expense management (TEM) empowers our partners to bring value-added solutions to their clients and expand existing relationships. Here's why you should partner with MDSL:

  • Capture more of your client's total spend
  • Eliminate your client's to utilize another provider, introducing competition
  • Extend your value with a natural adjacencies
MDSL Partner Network

Software and Service Offerings

MDSL offers software and services complementary to your client engagement:

  • Hosted TEM Software Platform – MDSL provides the software platform. You add your services and incorporate into your own offering.
  • "Host and load" – MDSL provides the software platform and the invoice loading services. You bring additional value with your own services.
  • Platform and Managed Services – MDSL provides the software platform and all services, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Engagement Models

Based on your business, we provide three primary Partner Business Models:

  • White Label – a program utilizing your branding and loyalty to lead the engagement. Used by partners who with TEM experience, or plans for a sizable investment in support, education, and sales resources.
  • Powered By – a program for resell, disclosing MDSL as the underlying provider. Used by partners with a resell model or want to minimize investment new offerings until there is tangible business returns.
  • Referral  a program for relationship-based sales referrals from industry and non-industry related professionals. Contracted Referral Partners earn a one-time payment by providing qualified opportunity introductions and guidance that result in MDSL business. Used by partners without broad managed services offerings or who lack specific technology expense management expertise.
Engagement Model