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Managed Pay

The simpler management of your technology expense

Eliminate potential shut offs, misapplied payments, late fees and wasted time.

Does your team spend too much time logging into various telecom portals?

Experience misapplied payments every month?

Waste time investigating payments, waiting on hold and solving payment issues?

Misuse resources paying thousands of invoices a month versus a handful?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you can benefit from MDSL's Managed Pay service offered along with our Managed Services.

Enterprises can spend over one million dollars a year handling invoices from start to finish. Let MDSL take on that burden for you. We pay all of your telecom invoices, ensure payments are accurately applied, enter the information into each of the various carrier portals, and handle all payment investigations and disputes, bearing the responsibility for late fees and penalties. Since we handle the process from end to end, fewer parties are involved, less transfers of data occurs, and accuracy and efficiency improves.


Eliminate Shut Off

Eliminate shut off services due to late or non-payment


Late Fees Go Away

Late fees become a thing of the past


Make Misapplied Payments Disappear

Misapplied payments and the research and negotiation necessary disappear


Say Goodbye to Portal Fatigue

No more logging into dozens of portals for thousands of monthly payments which are separately entered


Are you done with the headaches? Talk to one of MDSL’s experts to see how our Managed Pay service can help you simplify your expense management. 

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