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Managed Mobility Services


Managed Mobility Services

Mobile devices are crucial for keeping on-the-move employees connected with customers and colleagues, whether they are leaving the building, country or continent. For global corporations, management of these devices is of critical importance to drive down costs, protect corporate data and avoid the continuity losses arising as a result of employees not being accessible.

Enterprises need a way to keep thousands of global employees ever-equipped with modern, secure tech - all without overburdening their IT departments.

MMS from MDSL ensures your workforce have the tools to stay connected, supported and productive - wherever your business takes them.


MDSL simplifies the process of ordering new devices and services by providing a single portal for worldwide ordering. This portal can be customized to support corporate-wide or country specific processes and policies. Catalogs can be configured by country to include the relevant devices, plans and features.

MDSL also provides fulfillment services to ensure all orders entered into the portal are correctly placed with the carriers. This is done through direct integration, i.e. eBonding, or placing orders through carrier portals or Email. MDSL will work through any issues to make sure all orders are processed in a timely fashion.

Single Portal for Worldwide Mobile Ordering

  • Customized workflows to match business practices and policies
  • Integration with in-house procurement systems, e.g. ServiceNow
  • E-bonding with vendors for order efficiency and accuracy
  • Managed services for order fulfillment and inventory updates

End User Help Desk

The MDSL End User Mobile Help Desk provides support for corporate users of mobile devices. Whether it be a problem with a device feature, access to corporate Email or trouble with a corporate app, experienced agents are available to assist end users and resolve their issues. Support is delivered via call-in numbers in order to provide quick resolution to the most common mobility problems.

Increased Productivity of Mobile Devices and Apps

  • Device, OS, Email and app troubleshooting
  • MDM management
  • International support
  • Local language support

Deployment Services

Deployment services assist customers with both the beginning and the end of the mobile lifecycle. New devices can be set up according to company specifications, relieving internal resources or end users of this task. This includes installing a Mobile Device Management product and relevant apps, as well as testing the device and apps to make sure everything is in working condition when the end user receives the device.

When devices are ready to be upgraded or retired, MDSL will make sure the device is wiped clean of all corporate data and then recycle it appropriately.

Simplified Device Provisioning

  • Kitting and staging
  • Device pool management
  • Device recycling and value recovery
  • International support

Real-time Usage Management

RTEM (Real-time TEM) brings extra savings over monthly audit and optimization services by analyzing usage and roaming trends during the current bill cycle. MDSL can capture unbilled usage data from carriers to determine in-cycle patterns, and then make changes to mitigate overage charges. In addition, MDSL has a roaming detection process that can identify a device roaming internationally without an appropriate plan and then add the correct plan automatically.

Increased Cost Savings through Advanced WEM Services

  • In-cycle unbilled usage analysis
  • Roaming detection and mitigation

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