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Transaction Reconciliation Reporting

Monitor, reconcile, and approve trading costs from exchange fees to client connectivity.

Optimize and Allocate. Take Control of Your Trading Costs.

Many financial firms face the ongoing challenges of monitoring, reconciling, and approving the costs arising from their client’s transactions. Lack of automation, non-optimized spend, missed savings opportunities, and internal mis-allocation of trade-related costs all have financial implications that could be the difference between profits and losses. 

MDSL’s Transaction Reconciliation Reporting (TRR) solution is an expense management platform for your trading costs, from exchange fees to client connectivity.

Cost Allocation

Allocate costs accurately across cost centers, locations and trading desks to identify opportunities for potential savings

Invoice Reconciliation

Check vendors (OMS, EMS, IOIs) are sticking to your agreed rates, and recover overcharges.

Detect Inactive Clients

How much are you paying for inactive clients? Locate and cancel recurring connectivity fees for clients you have ceased trading with.


Track the precise history of each client connection, for complete visibility of transactions and rate cards, allowing accurate client management.

Contract Management

Customizable alerts and emails to stay on top of key renewal dates.

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