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Market Data Management

Keep up with all the changes in your ever-evolving environment.

Market data is expensive and complex. It needs to be managed professionally.

MDSL’s Market Data Manager (MDM) solution provides specialist multi-currency market data inventory management, invoice reconciliation, and reporting for financial institutions.


Understand the total cost of ownership of your market data environment with MDSL's cutting-edge reporting.


Avoid huge financial and reputational risks by demonstrating compliant usage to vendors and regulators.

Accurate Global Inventory

Trusted repository of knowledge. Understand the business case behind every purchase, change and cancellation.


Achieve significant savings by prompting end-users to indicate which services in their inventory they still require.

Request & Procurement Manager

Centralized end-user portal for requesting market data services and keeping inventory up-to-date.

Automated Invoice Processing

Reduce labor, spot discrepancies, and eliminate human error with MDSL's automated invoice processing (AIP) functionality.

Is your company’s data being utilized properly? Contact a member of our Market Data Management Services team to learn more and ask about receiving a free assessment.

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