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Access Compliance Engine

Control end-user access to web-based market data.

Clarity, compliance, and control for your web-based subscriptions.

Web-delivered Market Data subscriptions are growing at an explosive rate. Can you actively control which users have access to web services?Can you ensure only the correct users access the services and that they aren’t being shared? Can you prevent users having free trials if they are invited to by vendors? Do you know which logins are being used the most and who actually uses them? Which have zero or low usage?

Access Compliance Engine (ACE) is a simple browser plugin that seamlessly integrates with MDSL's Market Data Manager to determine if a user is permissioned to services they are trying to access.

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Access Compliance Engine

Prevent Login Sharing

Prevent the financial and reputational risks involved with users sharing logins.

Secure Password Vault

Use of Single-Sign-On (SSO) to minimize disruption.

Cost Savings

Eliminate services with zero usage and efficiently recycle logins. Utilize accurate usage data to negotiate improved contracts.

Chargeback & Cost Allocation

A range of options to efficiently allocate costs. Allocate based on usage or allocate research costs to clients.

Lightweight Architecture

Unintrusive, browser-based plugin to control access to web-delivered data. No local database install required.

Seamless Integration with MDM

Integrates with Market Data Manager (MDM) to identify supported services, retrieve logins and check user permissioning.

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