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Financial Technology Management

MDSL is the global leader of financial Market Data Management and related services.

Navigate complex regulations and keep costs in check.

In an increasingly complex financial market, dealing with rising technology costs and constantly evolving rules and regulations is the new normal. 

Organizations need to understand what they’re spending and how it impacts their business in order to provide the appropriate financial technology (FinTech) tools for their user base. 

MDSL gives you the tools to centralize this data, providing increased visibility and flexible management of FinTech assets across the organization.

MDSL FinTech Solutions

Market Data Management (MDM)

Powerful tools to simplify and streamline the business of managing your market data, from procurement and auditing to contract renewals and cancellations.  

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Index License Management

For both buy-side and sell-side professionals. Document and track index licenses to ensure compliance, term confirmation, and license coverage.

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Application Compliance Management

Do away with complexity and bring structure and efficiency to the issuance, completion, and management of market data compliance surveys.

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Access Compliance Engine

Control end-user access to web-based market data and ensure you're in compliance.

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Transaction Reconciliation Reporting

Monitor, reconcile, and approve the costs arising from transactions from exchange fees to client connectivity.

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