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eBonding from MDSL


Quicker. Clearer. Frustration-free.

Find out how you can streamline interactions between employees and Communication Service Providers, all through MDSL's Telecoms Expense Management solution.

What is eBonding?

eBonding automates and simplifies the interactions between your employees and your Communications Service Providers (CSPs). It provides a structure and process by which the user can request and receive exactly what they need, all through our Telecoms Expense Management system.


Your company might receive hundreds or even thousands of these requests each week. There’s no need to maintain an expensive department dedicated to handling them when the entire process can be automated.

Add roaming quickly to avoid expensive overage charges. Ensure contracts are cancelled or changed before the auto-renewal date.

With eBonding you can make timely changes to your plan, safe in the knowledge that the process has already begun as soon as you click 'Raise Request'.


eBonding provides a clear and defined system to place orders, make changes, cancel services or request upgrades. It works from the same program as our TEM solution, from which users have readily accessible information about their current usage to help them understand what they need.

Once ordered, end-users and administrators can track the progress of their request all the way.


Because the employee is guided through the process by TEM to specify the exact changes they need, there’s no back and forth between the CSP, internal IT and the end-user to confirm details. eBonding ensures that employees provide CSPs with all the information required to process their request.

The entire process is trackable by the employee, so there’s no need to chase up I.T, and you can avoid complications such as frustrated employees going direct to your CSP, resulting in unexpected expense claims or duplicated requests.

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