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Critical Concerns Change When Controlling Cloud

As your company migrated IT operations to “the cloud” they also implemented the system management, performance monitoring and security controls your IT team would need.

They probably neglected the management, performance monitoring, and security controls your Finance team would need.

Learn why establishing and maintaining the proper automated controls over your cloud services spend can be more effective and insightful than manual tracking. 

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How Cloud's Consumption-Based Billing Compares to On-Prem

Things were very different when your entire network was installed on your own premises. Then came the big, bad surprise. 

Invisible Costs in a Set-It-And-Forget-It World

In the cloud-computing environment, everything is recurring and once you’ve set any of them up, they become invisible almost immediately. 

Establishing Proper Controls - Far Easier in the Cloud

The good news is that it is far easier to establish and maintain proper controls over cloud services spend than it ever was when your network was local.


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