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Automated Invoice Processing (AIP)


Super-Charging Efficiency with Process Automation

By leveraging MDSL's cutting edge OCR technology, you can remove the manual effort from invoice processing. You can watch our video for a high-level overview or request a demonstration to see this time-saving product in action.

With AIP in place you only need to concentrate on exceptions, so you can free up resources for more important tasks within your organisation. Not only does this vastly increase productivity, but it also improves the accuracy of your data by removing human error.

  • Mail reception centres in 3 continents
  • Tear & scan services
  • OCR templating
  • Automated – straight-through processing
  • Customisable workflow
  • Threshold-based routing & escalation
  • Detailed line item comparison
  • Portal-based authorisation process
  • Web-based monitoring and reporting and accruals

For more information or a demonstration of MDSL's Automated Invoice Processing (AIP) please fill in the form