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Automated Invoice Processing

Automate menial tasks and improve invoice accuracy.

Free up your resources and let automation do the heavy lifting.

Invoice processing is a complex, labor-intensive task. Utilize solutions to automate the entire process, from invoice receipt through payment. Our system lets you free up your resources to focus on your core business.

Save Time. Save Money.

Tackle Billing Errors

Automatically detect overbilling and recover credits from your vendors.

Improve Accuracy

Achieve greater data entry accuracy through invoice automation by eliminating human error.

Process Faster

MDSL's invoice automation technology can process over 60 invoices per hour. The average human can manage 3 or 4.

Global Mail Reception

Mail reception centers in 3 continents. Let MDSL take care of loading invoices while storing and/or destroying paper bills.

Customizable workflow

Configure specific business rules for each of your vendors' accounts to allocate costs, streamline approvals, and manage payment details.

Granular Checks

With Automated Invoice Processing, invoices are audited at a granular level to ensure you are being billed correctly at your carefully negotiated rates.

All large organizations can benefit from Automated Invoice Processing. Contact one of our experts to learn more!

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