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AOTMP Whitepaper -MDSL's Quote Management

Find out how MDSL's Vendor Quote Management Solution Impacts Enterprise Telecom/Mobility/ Technology Management.

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Centralized Quotes

Centralizes all communications to allow for easy side-by-side analysis of quotes across different criteria

Encourage Competition

Inform vendor with the reason their proposal won or lost e.g. where it’s doing well or where it needs to re-evaluate pricing, SLAs, contract terms etc.

Quicker Turnaround

Run more bids and turn up services faster by improving communication and staying on top of quote expiry dates


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Procuring telecom, mobility and technology services and assets for the enterprise is no easy task. The standard process eats time and is prone to errors because of back-and-forth emails with vendors and people internally. MDSL, an AOTMP Efficiency First® Certified Solution Vendor, aims to remove all that pain with Vendor Quote Management.

Vendor Quote Management targets organizations required to obtain frequent quotes for new and existing services to make sure they are receiving the best rates. In fact, MDSL is debuting the full, cohesive platform at the 2018 AOTMP Summit so attendees can participate in demonstrations to understand how it can elevate their telecom/mobility/technology management departments.

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