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About MDSL

MDSL leads the market in Enterprise Technology Expense Management solutions, with offices in London, New York, Orlando, Gothenberg, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Established in 1995, MDSL’s award-winning software and services assist enterprises around the world to manage their market data and communications costs more efficiently, develop and streamline their business processes and achieve significant savings on a global scale. With a range of solutions covering the full life cycle, from procurement to invoice reconciliation, over 150 customers in 34 countries trust our products and services to manage more than $5BN recurring annual expenditure and deliver tangible benefits to their bottom line.

Our strategy for successful growth is based on three principles: listening to customer needs, a strong ethos of technological innovation and a trusted partner ecosystem. With world-class software and value-added services, and unparalleled expertise in addressing the unique demands of global organisations, we continue to build our market-share as the world's leading provider of cost and expense management solutions.

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What we do

MDSL’s portfolio of expense management software solutions is designed to help organisations manage their costs globally and deliver improved services to their end-users at a local level.

MDSL software and services are available to customers either as “self-service” or as part of a managed service offering. To ensure strong local understanding and support around the world, we operate from offices in London, New York, Orlando, Paris and Tokyo. Together with a network of partners in more than 20 countries, we implement solutions which are effective globally yet remain tailored to local needs.

MDSL customers are primarily multi-national enterprises who are forerunners in implementing the most advanced and effective cost management measures. In return, they can expect to see some of the following rewards:

Proven cost savings

The Gartner Group reports 8-12% of corporate telecoms costs are regularly billed in error, with millions over-paid each year. Similar over-spend occurs in the Market Data industry. MDSL customers, however, realise significant recurrent monthly savings on expenditure, by paying only for the services they need and use–at the contracted rates–and by automating the reconciliation of inventory and monthly bills.

MDSL’s proven expense management solutions have helped many organisations around the world to continually save between 10% and 20% per year on their telecoms expenses.


MDSL’s Procure-to-Pay solution combines advanced cataloguing and BPA expertise with unparalleled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration, to boost the efficiency of the procurement process and provide enterprise-wide savings. You’ll see significantly decreased purchase cycle lead-times and increased compliance with corporate purchase policies, resulting in better decision-making.

With Operations optimised, you can enable a Shared Service Centre to create further efficiencies by managing your organisation’s total procurement budget and process.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Increasing global competition means all companies are looking for ways to improve systems efficiency, streamline operations and share information more easily across the organisation.

MDSL solutions automate internal processes to ensure consistent and repeatable performance, freeing you to build on your global knowledge-base to deliver transparency and accountability.

Cost transparency and avoidance

As an MDSL customer, you’ll gain clarity and insight into your spend, giving you more opportunities for future cost avoidance and greater understanding of developing trends and patterns. A key advantage is the ability to accurately charge usage costs back to the relevant cost-centre, on a timely basis.

Plus the additional business intelligence benefits, to assist your procurement team in negotiating better contract terms.

Associations, awards & certification

MDSL is a member of the Financial Information Services Division (FISD) of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and of the TEM Industry Association (TEMIA). The company carries ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification and is proud to feature in the first Gartner TEM Magic Quadrant.

MDSL has been awarded Safe Harbor certification for compliance with the European Union's data privacy laws, allowing it to process employee information from any EU member state. To view MDSL's Privacy Policy, please click here.

In 2010 MDSL was awarded the AOTMP TEM "Industry Excellence" Award for its innovative cost-management work in the Unified Communications market-place.

The company was rated top international TEM provider in an AOTMP survey of customer satisfaction, and is ranked in the Top-25 UK businesses in the Sunday Times 2011 International Track-100 list.

2011 – Inside Market Data award for Best Supporting Services Provider

2013-2014 – Microsoft Partner Program

2016 AOTMP Telecom Management Industry Champion

2016 Abbvie Phoenix Program Award