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Global Technology Expense Management Solutions

MDSL partners with enterprises to provide clarity, control, compliance, and cost savings across their global technology estates.

Industry Leaders. Proven Solutions.

You need more than a piece of software to achieve your goals, you need a trusted partner. Managing an enterprise technology environment takes too many moving parts to do it alone. MDSL are world leaders in Technology Expense Management Solutions, Market Data Management and related services and partner with enterprises to provide clarity, control, compliance, and cost savings across their global technology estates.

Our clients span all verticals, sizes, and requirements and they choose MDSL because we offer not only cutting-edge solutions expertise, but a true client-fixated approach that enables us to solve problems according to your specific priorities. Our unified expense management platform encompasses categories such as telecoms, cloud services, the Internet of Things and Financial Market Data. By providing best practice procedures, unparalleled visibility of spend and automating time-consuming processes, MDSL help ensure global digital transformations are smooth, secure and cost-effective.


Don't just take it from us. Hear from our customers.

We hold regular user group meetings across the world to showcase the latest developments on the MDSL platform.

Industry Assocations and Certifications


Unhappy with your provider? Migrate to MDSL. 

We've done this before. Migrate to MDSL solutions without any disruption to your service - we are experienced in seamlessly migrating large enterprises onto our industry leading platforms. 

Our primary focus is on making great software. We believe in creating agile, reliable solutions rather than throwing Help Desk staff at software to attempt to cover the cracks. We are committed to making your solution as accessible and attractive as possible to end-users to ensure adoption and satisfaction, and we're constantly developing and innovating.

Flexible Delivery. On Your Terms.

MDSL's flexible delivery options allow you to deploy software and services according to your organizational requirements.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Forget about the hardware requirements and allow MDSL to host the application on your behalf with full disaster recovery processes in place.

On-Premise License

Have the IT expertise to run the solution in-house? Install the MDSL platform on your own hardware and utilize the solution behind your firewall.

Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO)

Transfer non-core activities to our staff and focus on your core business while offloading the menial, time consuming tasks to the MDSL experts.

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