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Smart MDM

Fully Integrated Telecom Expense and Mobile Device Management

Analysts talking about improving Managed Mobility Services (MMS) often refer to synergy and “1 + 1 = 3”. In other words, the benefit from integrating two services into a combined solution is greater than each would achieve on its own.

Welcome to Smart MDM.

Smart MDM harnesses the core functions of AirWatch’s Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management offering, and incorporates them into MDSL’s Smart TEM solution to create a single, fully integrated TEM and MDM/MAM platform.

The result is truly greater than the sum of its parts and brings a number of benefits, focused on maximising ROI.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The BYOD movement has blurred the line between personal and business use, making it increasingly difficult for IT to control employees’ mobile devices and the applications running on them – as well as, critically, the associated costs.

Smart MDM
Smart MDM

Smart MDM Benefits

Smart MDM addresses these issues, allowing you to simply and efficiently:

  • Monitor applications across all devices
  • Maintain a catalogue of authorised corporate applications
  • Separate personal and company data, to safeguard corporate security and personal privacy
  • Add BYOD users to the agreed corporate rate plan
  • Monitor usage and behaviour, to enforce corporate usage policies
  • Manage devices, including remote device “wipe”, from within the Smart MDM Self-Service portal.

Smart MDM Features

  • Sourcing and logistics: Users purchase, provision and activate network services, applications and devices themselves, directly via Smart MDM’s unique Self-Service portal.
  • Inventory management: Keep your fixed and mobile inventory up to date at all times, with automatic updates of device manufacturer, OS version, IMEI, on-device applications etc.
  • Application and messaging management: Users select the corporate applications to download via the Self-Service portal. Smart MDM constantly monitors application availability and usage against corporate policy, and sends an automatic alert in the event of a breach.
  • Cost Reduction and Optimisation: Real-time TEM and profile management combine to reduce costs and optimise usage across your entire user-base.