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Every year, regardless of the world economy, the amount spent by financial institutions on market data services increases. New technologies, faster trading systems, more expensive data and new licensing rules keep operating and usage costs incredibly high. This year the total is expected to reach almost $30 billion.

Firms who want to gain and keep control – to manage down their costs and understand where usage is vital and where it is wasteful – use MDSL’s Market Data Manager.

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As a specialist software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, MDSL delivers Market Data Manager to you and your staff’s desks as a highly secure and resilient, self-service software solution – giving you immediate access to its benefits from any global location, with minimal impact on your internal infrastructure.

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MDSL can assist you with any or all of your market data management needs.

Whether you need some help each month processing and validating invoices or loading permissioning data, or you want to outsource the entire process, MDSL has a team of knowledgeable staff trained as experts in their field, who understand your needs for accuracy, efficiency and reliability.

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